#27 Kicking off the Summer

Hello everybody! I hope that you have all been enjoying the amazing weather we have been recieving (if you are a fellow Brit). For anyone who might have noticed, yes, this is my first post in five weeks… I will just blame my A levels for that- my A levels which are now finally over!

I am so pleased with how they went- my history papers were complete dreams although, the Russia paper was so simple that I may have over complicated it. However, my English papers were brilliant and I wrote so much for every question. The Dracula and Twelfth Night (worst Shakespeare play ever- do not argue) question was DANGER… I mean come on, Danger? In Dracula? He’s a flipping vampire? They may as well have just handed me a piece of paper with a big red A right then and there.

Only joking, I hope that I have not jinxed myself there but I am very happy with how all of the papers went. Now the waiting game until the 16th August begins…

So, despite all of that this is just a filler post to cover what I have been up to since my exams finished because trust me, I have not stopped.

Firstly, I have become a much more confident driver. On Friday 22nd, I got onto the motorway for the first time on the way to Cardiff to see the wonderful Ed Sheeran himself in concert.

He was incredible. He was his own band, using pedals at his feet to record parts of the song and then loop them, and it got so loud in that room! The bass was too much at some points because it vibrated my whole chest and ruined any videos that I took but it was still incredible.

Ed was really down to earth and even though there were 60,000 of us in that room, he made it feel very personal. It was the biggest arena that I have ever been to and I have never seen the standing area as full as it was; it was completely packed, like no room at all to move!

From there, on the Saturday night I went to my very first hen night. My cousin is getting married this month and we went to TGIFriday’s- thankfully this hen night was much tamer than her other ‘naked butler’-esque hen nights.

It was still really fun and I had a few cocktails called a ‘woo woo’ which I would strongly recommend if you don’t really like the taste of alcohol because it was very fruity.


Next on the list of my “busy life” was getting my hair dyed! I used to be extremely blonde when I was much younger and whenever I look at photo’s I wish that I still had it. So my aunty- who is a hair dresser- offered to do it for me and I drove down to Chester (two and a half hours away) to get it done.

The top is still in need of a bit more colour, so depending on my money situation at the end of summer I might have some more highlights before going to Uni.

Anyway the picture on the right is the river in Chester which my best friend and I sat in the scorching sunshine with ice creams before heading back home. All in all that day, I did six and a half hours driving which was crazy and so stressful at times but I am glad that I proved to myself I could do it.

Finally, between all of these events, I have been working as many shifts as I could- all until finish so I am very tired at the moment. Oh well, as long as I can afford food next year I will be happy…


The only perk of working at a fancy hotel on the night shift ^ because earlier on this garden is just filled with snooty people demanding drinks and food.

I hope that you are all enjoying the beginning of your summers! And congratulations to everyone who has finished their exams.



#26 Last day and tribute to Effie Trinket

Happy half term everyone!


I am now officially broken up from that hellish place some called college. The last day was pretty anti-climactic but I expected nothing less from that place.

The weather was awful- raining from midnight to 9pm at night which really wasn’t ideal with my outfit…

On the build up to the most anticipated ‘fancy dress’ last day- last year it was a lovely warm day and people came dressed as Harry Potter, FBI Agents, Super heroes, Donald Trump…

And I, who has resented the majority of my time in that place really didn’t want to be a part of it really. Then I had my Effie idea a week ago and it has been full steam ahead ever since.

I must have cut out at least 500 butterflies because first, I printed them all off, and then cut them out, glued them all down onto A5 pieces of orange card, and then cut them out again.

The dress itself was one that didn’t really suit me from ‘Shein’- which I have recently bought some really nice clothes from- and so, instead my Mum tacked some gold material onto it and it was easier for me to just glue the butterflies on rather than stitch.

Using some butterflies that I had bought from Etsy, I outlined them with black pen and then hemmed the entire dress with them as well as some on the chest to make the bigger butterflies stand out.


Afterwards, I placed the butterflies down- crossing my fingers that there would be enough to cover the whole dress- and began to glue them down.

So after a week, and many burnt fingers on the glue gun, I had my dress ready and even made some accessories.


I bought some white powder and plastered my skin in it, and then coated my eyelids all the way up to my eyebrows (including powdering my eyebrows!) in yellow eyeshadow. I blushed two circles either side of my temple and then used some eyelash glue to stick a butterfly just above my right eyebrow.

I was so worried about the weather because it rained all day. It made quite a few of the butterflies run and droop which was annoying, but otherwise I was so happy with how this dress turned out.

So many people I had never spoken to came up to me to tell me how amazing it was and they could not believe that I had made it myself.

The only problem was that I couldn’t sit down- and going to the toilet was a problem- but I would absolutely wear this again and I hope there are many fancy dress opportunities at Uni.


I hope you like this, it was definitely worth all of the nights spent blistering my hands cutting and glueing hundreds of butterflies.

I will just leave you with this: “May the odds be ever in your favour!”


#25 I got 99 problems all created by Sarah J Mass

Hey everyone,

I am completely and irrevocably broken by what I have just witnessed.

The end of Empire of Storms has left me a complete blubbering mess.

My boyfriend even had to endure a phone call of me repeating over and over- between sobs- “I am not okay. Is she even allowed to do that?!” She being Sarah J Mass aka the creator of my tears and nightmares.

I do not want to deliberately spoil anything, but knowing my tendancies, I have been known to spill something just like,”why, Lorcan? Why!”

I know it’s not the end of the series yet and thank ‘wyrd’ for that because this book is one where I just know that I will be wondering around in the abyss of my mind searching for absolutely anything to fill the whole in my aching heart once this series is over- yeah, I’m a book nerd, didn’t you know? So I will probably just reread the entire thing until I can accept what the heck just happened!

Aelin (Celeana) is a freaking legend. I cannot put into words how brilliant and smart and badass she is. I find it quite easy to dislike female protagonists sometimes- at least elements of them, especially if they are tied to a love triangle/square as is often the case. Mass has done an incredible job in creating Aelin because I definitely want to be her and not just for her gorgeous fae mate 😉

There is a huge amount of romance/steaminess in the fifth instalment as well- Mass really went to town in creating new ways to tell us: ‘and they had sex.’ Many writers cringe away from the topic but Mass embraces every detail of the intimacies between all of the couples in this book- trust me, there are many.

I also love the developments in characters like Manon, Fenrys and I will begrudgingly say Lorcan…

Aelin, in this book, pretty much proves to every one a hundred times over that she deserves to be queen, and although I understand why Darrow issued the stupid decree for her to stay away, if my girl is not sat on that throne by the seventh book- she’s making us wait until Autumn… I am going to go all Celeana Sardothien on Mass’s ass!

But before I go too far and start talking about Aelin, Aedion and Rowan like they’re all my best friends (I wish) as my boyfriend jokes I have been doing for the past five books, I will just tell you that this is a series that deserves to be read by everyone- including you!

Now please excuse me while I go and reread Empire of Storms until I cry myself into oblivion and am ready to accept the ending.

This post is a call out to any of you out there who feel my pain of a heart shattering to a thousand pieces- I need y’all to discuss this with me, so drop a comment if you have even the slightest inkling of what I am droning on about!


#24 Characters that make me warm inside

Hey everyone, I hope you have had a fabulous weekend- I began it by getting drunk and laughing my ass off at my friend falling over (also drunk), so that has been fun.

I haven’t done a book post in a few months because I have been completely in love, betrayed, and stabbed multiple times by Aelin’s sass, Chaol’s stupidity, and Rowan’s damn right hotness in, yep you guessed it, Throne of Glass.

This is a YA fantasy novel by Sarah. J. Mass, and I am in love. My friends have heard nothing but updates about the recent chapter that I read for the past three months. I cannot remember a time when I was more invested in a book and its characters and its world- damn, I am even in love with some of the bad guys (Keep and eye out for Lorcan and Manon!).

However, as I am still reading this- more like, hurtling towards the end of the series when I don’t ever want it to end- I will not write a full blog post about it and thought instead that I would tell you three of my all time favourite book characters.


First is Theodore Finch from the book ‘All the Bright Places’ by Jenifer Niven. In a basic sense, Finch is a suicidal teen who has many existential crisis’s. But everything the character does and says is so insightful, kind of like Augustus Waters from ‘The Fault in our Stars.’

The book is simple, lovely, and upsetting. I even named my build-a-bear after Finch!

Number two is Lacey Flint who is the protagonist in my favourite murder mystery books by Sharon Bolton. This is a series which really gets under your skin and make you feel like someone is constantly watching you. I read the books out of order (not realising it was a series), so I read ‘Dead Scared’ when I was thirteen and trust me, it is not a book for young people!

Anyway, Lacey Flint is brilliant because she is the right amount of ‘what have I just gotten myself into, this is crazy’ and ‘yeah I can totally go into this abandoned warehouse alone with a killer possibly inside.’

Of course, the chemistry with a certain Mark Joesbury is also to die for, but Lacey is a brilliant and completely real character who suffers a lot throughout the books, but somehow keeps going.

My third choice was very difficult because I wanted to name all of the Throne of Glass characters, but I have already said that I won’t write about that until I have finished them. So it was a tie between Emily from ‘Since you have been gone’ for being a slightly boring and simple teen character that I could completely relate to, and Rudy Steiner from ‘The Book Thief.’

All of these are definitely books that I would recommend to anybody. Two of which are just teen fiction and then the most amazing murder mysteries you will ever read, to a brilliant historical fiction.

I hope you all have have a good week, and those of you going into exams- Good Luck!




#23 Letting in some LIGHT

Hello all, I hope that you’re having a marvellous weekend and enjoying the sunshine!

It has been the case over the past few weeks that by this time on a Sunday I feel mentally and physically drained. This is because I go to college from half six in the morning until four/five everyday and then have been made to work both days of the weekend. For the past three weeks I have not had one day to myself.

Unsurprisingly, this took a major toll on my mentality and happiness because I really do not like the college I go to as they make zero effort in helping students, or even trying to do a good job in teaching us…  but that is a story for another day. And then I would be on 3pm until finish shifts which often means I do not get home until gone midnight (1am last weekend).

Last Sunday was the first day I have had off and I had a list of things (I absolutely adore lists, don’t you?) that I wanted to get done before going to college. The first thing was to try and sort my accomodation for university which was so stressful and the site locked me out, telling me I could no longer apply, so I got really stressed. I know computers and all that jazz are supposedly making our lives better but I have a great-grandparent sized tolerance to these evil devils. Unless I am simply typing in word or looking at clothes websites then you have completely lost me…

I went on to have a big breakdown (they are common at the moment), but I just knew that I couldn’t go on like it. I took the day off on monday and felt so much better for it. My mum and I worked through my list and although I wrote the most shocking essay of my life, I felt much happier and more relaxed. I even went for a swim, and then revised for three/four hours afterwards.

On that Monday, my mum also arranged for me to see a bereavement councillor because I have recently lost another Grandad and she wasn’t convinced that I was over the death of my Grandad who died before christmas last year. Which to tell you the truth, I am okay now, but I am not over it- I’m not sure I ever will. He was the first person that I was beyond close to to die in a finger snap, with no warning, nothing.

This councillor said to me that at the moment I am stuck inside a triangle consisting of my college and work life, my grief and my difficult relationship with my Dad. She told me that I am living in a dark area and used the metaphor of a flower bud; I needed to open up some more and let some light in.

“What do you do for fun?” She asked.

For the past two years, I have used the excuse that I will join clubs at University and I will get back into sport, into singing, into laughing and being carefree. So much so that I have completely forgotten to give myself a break now.

A levels have been so difficult (they’re not even over yet) and this has been made worse by how miserable I feel everyday when I am in college. I felt much better for giving myself that day off and I would not hesitate to do it again because I got so much more done yesterday than I ever would have done at college in a day.

So, my advice if you want to take anything away from this blog post is that if you need some time off then you take it- I do not mean taking a day off every time you feel tired after waking up. If you are mentally not prepared then don’t go because pushing yourself is not productive.

And finally, make sure you’re doing something for fun whether that is just something you do for half an hour to an hour just to calm yourself and separate from all the stress that is constantly around in our live at the moment.

I hope you enjoy your bank holiday weekend!


#22 M.I.A

Hello everyone, I am really annoyed that I missed two weeks of posts, but I am back now and fingers crossed for good. I am really hoping to be someone that can give people in the years below me some tips for what to look for when doing your A-levels, learning to drive and applying for Uni because I am finding it all so stressful and wish that I could have somebody to explain it all to me!

The past two weeks have been filled with mock tests, disapointing results and teachers reminding me every second of the day that my exams are in three weeks…

So far today, I am just trying to figure out which hall to apply for at the Uni that I am going to in September. I thought this would be a ten minute job but haha, I am still sat here an hour later scouring the internet for any reviews on the different halls and which one might be the best for me.

I know this has been a very short post, but it was just to let you know that I haven’t gone anywhere- perhaps a slightly darker place as I emerge into the final month of my A levels.

Trying to sort accomodation has really annoyed and finished me for today, so I promise I will be back with some more exciting posts soon (most likely after my exams- wish me luck).


#21 I passed!

Usually my first post of the month is something related to books, but this time I thought I would shake it up- I’m a rebel like that.

These last few days have been busy but so lovely. The sunshine has graced us and when it is warm(er), I just feel so much happier.

I kicked off the beginning of the week by going to see the one and only Sam Smith in concert- he was insane! I knew that it was going to be incredible, but I hadn’t grasped how incredible. His voice was clearly like no other, but where I thought he would be quite awkward on stage, he was the most genuine act I have ever seen. A few times I thought that he might burst into tears when he heard the arena of 16,000 people singing along with him to ‘Stay with me.’ And when ‘Writing on the wall’ came on…. Oh, just oh! My brother and I went crazy.

He also gave the backing singers their own song which I have never seen done before, and the pianist did an incredible piano solo while Sam went off for an outfit change and came back with that mindblowing Bond tune.


The next day, my cousin took us out for a day in the city (we are country dwellers- so we don’t get much time in the city). There was a piano set up in one of the quieter shopping centres and I surprised myself by giving it a go. It was for the Greatest Showman which you should all know by now after buying the soundtrack, piano sheet music, watching it twice in cinema and going to an outdoor cinema to see it- I am in love with that film. The sheet music for ‘This is Me’ was there and I couldn’t figure out one of the sharps so I played ‘Beauty and the Beast’ instead… close enough.

We then tried sushi, and my boyfriend and I have discovered that we’re not much for raw fish. It was a really cool experience though because it was a restaurant with a conveyer belt and we could just try anything (not aware of the cost at the end…).


And finally, to finish off my week, on Friday I had my driving test.

I was so nervous that I went without lunch because I thought that I would just throw it straight back up. The examiner was much more stoic than my first test and I think it made me drive quite badly because the car was quite jolty when it came to stopping and changing gears. I was also one of those one in ten unfortunate people who have to follow road signs, and I did not enjoy that one bit!

When it came to the end of the test, I was so prepared for it to be another fail because I thought I had passed my first and it had been such a bad drive in my mind.

Obviously, you saw the title of this post and I did pass but the man sounded so bored when he said it that I thought I might have misheard him.

When I got home I tried to pretend that I had failed because I was in such a state the first time, but the second that I saw my mum and boyfriend, my face broke into a massive grin.

Anyway, now the expense of fuel and insurance has begun, but it feels so amazing to be able to drive just for me and I had my very first drive alone today which was really fun; I spent the whole time with a grin on my face and saying ‘okay, okay, you can do this.’

Anyway that has been my Easter holidays so far, and I am completely behind on my revision because of it…

Hope that you have all had a wonderful week.